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Convincing Facts to Prove that You Need a Family Lawyer Attorney for a Child Custody Case

Child custody issues are complicated hence you need a family attorney. As a non-current you can get third-party custody of the child. The law recognizes non-parents as immediate relatives like uncles and aunts, family friend or grandparent of the child. Here are convincing facts that you need a family attorney for a child custody case.

A child who is old enough to choose the parent or non-parent they want to stay with is allowed to do so in a child custody case. The judge will decide who the child will stay with if he or she is still too young to make the decision and adjustments will be made when the child grows old enough to make decisions. You need a family attorney if a child is too young to decide who he or she will stay with.

The court will also consider your preferences as a parent or non-parent, but that does not mean that it will grant you all. When co-parenting may not be the best solution for you, the court will consider many other factors before it arrives at a decision. There is also the issue of child support, and the court will have to decide the percentage of money that which of the following will have to contribute towards the needs of the child. A family attorney has excellent negotiation skills that can convince the court to consider your wishes.

You should go before the judge beyond a reasonable doubt that you have a quality relationship with a child. If a non-parent or parent harms the child, exposes the child to danger or neglects the basic needs of the child, custody can be revoked and given to another non-parent or the other parent.

Get a report from the doctor showing your medical history to prove that you are mentally and physically alright to raise the child. You should meet your responsibilities towards their child by providing their basic needs, and that is only possible if you are mentally and physically healthy.

A parent or a non-parent should prove to the court that he or she will not hinder the child from having a good relationship with the ex-spouse or the parents of the child. If the relationship you have with your ex or the non-parent has been ruined, you need a family attorney to intercede for you before the judge because that ruined relationship with your ex can have a great influence on the judge’s ruling.

The parent who has been providing the majority of the child’s care and their consistency will also influence the decision of the court. Hire a good family lawyer to save your skin if you have not been irresponsible parent when it comes to contributing towards the upbringing of a child because everyone deserves a second chance.

You should be living in an environment that is conducive for raising a child. A skilled and experienced family lawyer will convince the court that the child custody evaluation you have submitted proves that you live in an appropriate environment for the growth of a child.

The court will want to know that you have enough space to accommodate a child in your home. The child or children must have a spacious room for them alone. You need an attorney to make the court convinced that you have a room that can accommodate the kids because your ex’s lawyer will not let you off the hook that easily.

What You Should Know About This Year

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