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The Benefit of Switching to IP Telephony for Business

Many businesses are seeing the benefits of IP (Internet Protocol) telephony these days. Using these Internet-based systems, they are able to build a single comprehensive infrastructure to take care of their voice and data communication needs.

Specifically, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology allows businesses to combine their telephone and computer networks, allowing the two to work together in eliminating the limitations that come with traditional phone systems. In other words, organizations nowadays are able to take advantage of the same old benefits offered by traditional telephony, only better, thanks to enhancements provided by Internet systems.

If you’ve been planning to switch to IP telephony for your business, below are more specific reasons to go right ahead:

Considerable Savings

Switching to IP telephony means not needing analog phone lines, which also means that you won’t have to pay the associated fees charged by phone companies. Over time, this will bring in substantial operational cost savings.

Improved Mobility and Connectivity

As IP phone systems work over the web, you can communicate with virtually anyone from any area of the world that has Internet connectivity. There is also no need to change numbers nor pay long distance charges when you’re using IP phones.

Versatile Features

Way before, telephony systems like PBX (private branch exchange) revolutionized the way business communications were handled, requiring only one or a few main lines to be used. With VoIP telephony, the list of features is growing, including call waiting, unified messaging, teleconferencing, voice mail transcription, and so on.

Easy Installation and Configuration

One thing about the IP phone installation and configuration is that it’s a lot simpler and faster as compared to traditional phone systems. Phone companies can be so confusing with their proprietary software, unique interfaces and other related technologies. Definitely, IP phone systems are a picnic, even for someone who has no more than basic know-how about networks.

Scalable Package

Lastly, there are no restrictions when it comes to the connections you can make with IP phone systems, unlike traditional phones which are tied to a particular number of physical connections possible. Should you need additional connections, all you have to do is connect a new IP phone to the router.

So many opportunities have indeed opened up since the advent of IP telephony when it comes to corporate communications. Through the unified infrastructure and rich features offered by this technology, companies are able to save significant amounts of money.

Besides the direct savings VoIP can offer companies, thanks to lowered communication costs, the technology can also make a huge positive impact on the organization’s total efficiency. This leads to indirect yet profitable benefits due to faster accomplishment of goals, giving the company more time and therefore more projects.

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